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The journal “Oltenia, Studies and communications, Nature Sciences”, publishes original papers in the next areas: geology, paleontology, botany, invertebrates, vertebrates, ecology and the environment protection, as well as research papers, reviews, anniversary or memorial papers.


To ensure the printing of the volume in an unitary graphic, all the papers (printed and in electronic format) will be send to our addresses (general e-mail address:


Mineralogy Paleontology - PhD. Aurelian Popescu, E-mail:


Vegetal Biology - PhD. Gima Lila, E-mail:


Vertebrate Zoology - PhD. Mirela Sabina Ridiche, E-mail: /


Vertebrate and Invertebrate Zoology - PhD. Claudia Ionelia Goga, E-mail:


Ecology & Environmental protection - PhD. Olivia Cioboiu, E-mail:


The papers will be published in English.



Click here to Download the detailed Author Guidelines in 'pdf format



regarding the elaboration of the papers for the scientific journal

Oltenia. Studii şi comunicări. Ştiinţele Naturii”


The journal is edited by the Oltenia Museum Craiova and it publishes original papers in the fields of vegetal and animal biology, ecology-environment protection, mineralogy-palaeontology, as well as scientific reports, reviews, anniversary or commemoration papers.

It appears annually, it is ISI indexed ( and accredited by CNCSIS as a B+ Journal.



I. Structure (format) for original papers, scientific reports and reviews:



Original papers

will be structured according to the information rendered in the Table 1.


Scientific reports

will be structured according to the author’s (authors’) preferences, but it has to include abstract and key words, both in English and Romanian



there will be mentioned: author (authors) of the book (name and first name - CAPITAL LETTERS), comma, the title of the book, lowercase letters (Italic), publishing house, publishing location, year, number of pages. Use a free space and then render the text of the review with as fewer paragraphs as possible and the same characters as in the case of original papers.



structure of the paper




Capital letters, 12 pt., bold, centred


two spare rows (12 pt.) between the title and the name of the author/s


name, capital letters, first name, noncapital, 11 pt., bold, normal, aligned right

between two or many authors, use comma

One spare row, 10 pt.

Abstract (English)

from the beginning of the line, without tab, 9 pt., bold, normal

the abstract will be written with 9 pt., normal, maximum 300 words

One spare row, 9 pt.

Keywords (English)

from the beginning of the line, without tab, maximum 5 words, 9 pt., normal

One spare row, 9 pt.

Rezumat (Romanian)

from the beginning of the line, without tab, 9 pt., bold, normal

Complete translation of the title in Romanian (no capital letters, except for the first letter of the title; 10 pt., bold). The content of the abstract – 9 pt., normal, maximum 300 words

One spare row, 9 pt.

Cuvinte cheie (Romanian)

from the beginning of the line, without tab, maximum 5 words, 9 pt., normal

One spare row, 14 pt.


10 pt. (capital letters, bold)

content – 10 pt., normal

One spare row, 10 pt.


10 pt. (capital letters, bold)

content – 10 pt., normal

One spare row, 10 pt.


10 pt. (capital letters, bold) 

content – 10 pt., normal

One spare row, 10 pt.


10 pt. (capital letters, bold) 

content – 10 pt., normal

One spare row, 10 pt.


10 pt. (capital letters, bold) 

content – 10 pt., normal

One spare row, 10 pt.


10 pt. (capital letters, bold) 

content – 10 pt., normal

One spare row, 10 pt.


10 pt. (capital letters, bold)

content – see bibliographical references

One spare row, 10 pt.

Bibliography enumeration

see the detailed explanations at the references heading

Personal data

Name and surname – 8 pt., bold, normal, centred

Institution and e-mail address – 8 pt., normal, centred


Other details related to the papers:

Publishing language


Page format

A4 (21 x 29.7 cm), margins: top – 2.5 cm; bottom – 2.0 cm; left – 2.0 cm; right – 2.0 cm; gutter – 0 cm; header, footer – 1.27 cm. The papers will be elaborated in Microsoft Word, justified; font: Times New Roman, 10 pt., normal; single space.

- Latin names (genus, subgenus, species, subspecies) will be written with italic characters;

- Suprageneric names are not written with italic characters. The same procedure is used when they are mentioned within figures, graphs and tables.

The first mention of a taxon in the text will be followed by the taxon author’s name and the publishing year of the description, according to the zoological nomenclature code (e.g.: Cossus cossus (LINNAEUS, 1758), afterwards, it will be used abbreviated.

The name of the authors quoted in the text will be written normal, capital letters, while the names of the authors of the taxa will be written normal, lowercase letters.

For the names of Romanian authors and settlements diacritics must be used.

The materials sent for publication (printed and in electronic format) has to be between 2 and 8 pages (the number of pages must be even).



II. References:


Ř References in the text (quotation) includes only the author’s/authors’ names (Small caps) and publishing year.

For example:

· when it is a single author: Ionescu (1965) or (IONESCU, 1965);

· when there are two authors, it is used “&”: RĂDULESCU & SAMSON (1990) or (RĂDULESCU & SAMSON, 1990);

· when there are more than two authors: IONESCU et al., (1992) or (IONESCU et al., 1992);

· in case there are many papers written by the same author/authors, published in the same year, use the letters a, b, c, etc. after the year (e.g.: IONESCU, 2000; IONESCU, 2000a, …, 2000g);

· authors are rendered alphabetically and, in case there are many papers written by the same author, they are introduced chronologically.

Ř References will include only the papers quoted in the text (10 pt.), alphabetically rendered, without numbers, as it follows:

- author (CAPITAL LETTERS), publishing year (normal), (do not use comma between the author and the publishing year or between the name and first name of the same author; use comma between different authors, when there are more than two), the title of the paper (italic), name of the journal, publishing house, volume number (bold), the number of fascicle (normal), number of pages (normal). When there are two authors, use “&”; if there are many authors, mention all of them. The ladies’ first name is completely written; for gentlemen, use only the first letter.

                The reference titles will be aligned as it follows: the first line from the beginning (no tab), the second at 1.27. For example:



Book reference:

BOŞCAIU N. 1971. Flora şi vegetaţia Munţilor Ţarcu, Godeanu şi Cernei. Edit. Academiei R. S. R. Bucureşti. 300 pp.

Paper published in a journal:

GULII V. & PAMUJAC M. 1994. Elemente ale protecţiei integrate a culturilor agricole de dăunători şi boli. Protecţia integrată a plantelor. Edit. „Ştiinţa”. Chişinău: 112-118.

STAN MELANIA & BACAL SVETLANA 2006. New contributions to knowledge stafilinidelor (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) of the landscape reserve "Codrii Tigheci" (Moldova). Oltenia. Studii şi comunicări. Ştiinţele Naturii. Muzeul Olteniei Craiova. 22: 155-159.

Reference to a part of a collective paper; volume (with editors):

IFTIME Al. 2005. Amfibieni şi Reptile. In: Botnariuc & Tatole (Eds.) Cartea Roşie a Vertebratelor din România. Edit. Academiei Române. Bucureşti: 1-325.

Papers presented at scientific manifestations and published in a volume without editors:

CIOCHIA V. & STANCĂ-MOISE CRISTINA. 2001. Contributions to the knowledge of the Macrolepidoptera from natural complex “Dumbrava Sibiului”. Sesiunea Ştiinţifică dedicată împlinirii a 75 de ani de la înfiinţarea Staţiunii Biologice Marine „Prof. Dr. I. Borcea”. Agigea-Constanţa. 19-20 octombrie 2001: 125-131.

Official publications (laws, decrees, official reports):

***. România. Legea nr. 13 / 1993 pentru aderarea României la Convenţia privind conservarea vieţii sălbatice şi a habitatelor naturale din Europa, adoptată la Berna la 19 septembrie 1979. Monitorul Oficial al României, An V, nr. 62/25 martie 1993. Bucureşti: 1-20.

PhD thesis:

cOSTACHE i. 2005. Flora and vegetation Motru River Lower Basin. Ph. D. Thesis, University of Bucharest: Romania. 290 pp., 8 Pl.

Web pages:

Muzeul Olteniei Craiova. Secţia Ştiinţele Naturii. Oltenia. Studii şi comunicări. Ştiinţele Naturii. (onlline). 2011. Publisher: Museum of Oltenia Craiova, Romania. (accesed: May 8, 2012).

Entire electronic document or service (data base):

***. Fauna Europaea: Chironomidae. In: Fauna Europaea: Chironomidae, Diptera, Nemathocera. (Ed. H. de Jong) Fauna Europaea version 1.5, (accesed: June 23, 2012).


AHMADJIAN V. 1967. The Lichen Symbiosis. Blaisdell Publishing Company. Massachusetts. Available from: 152 pp. (accesed: January 15, 2013).

Electronic publication (papers):

DANILEVSKY M. L. 2007. A check-list of Longicorn Beetles (Coleoptera, Cerambycoidea) of Europe. Available online at: (accessed: May 20, 2009).

Note: The papers published with other characters than the Latin ones, will be re-written with Latin characters, both in the text and at references, mentioning the original language of publication between square brackets at the end:

ALEXANDROVICH O. R. 1995. Reconstruction of the ways of the ground beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) fauna forming at the West of the Russian plain. In: I. K. Lopatin, Pisanenko A. D., Shklyarov L. P. (Eds.), Fauna and taxonomy: Proceed. Zool. Museum Byel. University Minsk: Nauka Tekhnika. 1: 52-68. [In Russian].



III. Illustrations


§ Images (white/black or colour), tables, graphs and maps are inserted into the manuscript, but the original versions have to be sent also separately: high contrast photographs, electronic images in TIFF format at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

§ The references to the illustrations (tables, images, photographs) will be made in the text as it follows: (Fig. 1), (Figs. 1a, b), (Figs. 3; 5); (Table 1); (Photo 1).

§ Graphs must be achieved in Microsoft Excel.

The title of a table (in English) will be placed above the table (aligned right), 9 pt., normal.

The title of a figure, photo, map (in English) will be placed below, centred, 9 pt., normal.

§ For photographs and maps:

- It will be mentioned the word ‘original’ in case it is achieved by the author/’s of the paper;

- It will be mentioned the name of the author/’s between brackets in case it is achieved by another or other persons;

- It will be mentioned the web source (if it is the case), which has to be entirely rendered at references, also mentioning the access date.

Legend is placed below a table, graph, etc., 8 pt., normal (English)

! For graphs and diagrams, use white, black, grey, different tones and textures. They will not be published in colours.


Illustrations references (tables, images) (in English), will be made in the text as it follows: (Fig. 1), (Fig. 1a, b), (Figs. 3; 5); (Table 1). The title of a figure (in English), will be centered below the figure; as for tables, put it above (aligned right), both 9 pt., normal. Examples: a) Table 1. List of the identified staphylinids from the Lower Dniester. b) Figure 1. Distribution of the butterfly Papilio machaon L.


The paper will be accepted for publishing if:

Ř it respects the aforementioned requirements;

Ř it acquires a favourable review from the scientific reviewers of the journal;

Ř it is sustained within the framework of the International Conference “Museum and scientific research”;

Ř the publication fee is paid;

Ř it is respected the deadline, March 31 of the current year.


The editorial board has the right to reduce the number of figures and photos (if there are too many as compared to the text of the paper or if they do not correspond to the requirements) and not to accept papers sent after deadline, March 31, 2014.


With all the respect for the authors, papers that do not correspond to the recommendations will be sent back.

The responsibility of the scientific content of the papers depends entirely on the authors. Authors must revise the papers reviewed by the reviewers.


The Editorial Board



Corresponding Address:

PhD. Mirela Sabina RIDICHE

Museum of Oltenia, Section of Nature Sciences

Str. Popa Şapcă no. 8, , Craiova-200422, Romania


E-mail: /







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