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Volume 1 - December 2007



Thermoconformity even in hot small temporary water bodies: a case study in yellow-bellied toad (Bombina v. variegata) - download.pdf

T. Sos


The trophical spectrum of some populations of Bombina variegata in Poiana Tăşad locality area (county of Bihor, Romania) - download.pdf

A. Tóth, S. Ferenţi, G. Toth, A. Teodorescu, M. Tötös


The trophic spectrum of a Bombina bombina (Linnaeus 1761) population from the Cermei region (Arad County, Romania) - download.pdf

N.R. Radu, H.V. Bogdan, Zs. Bata, C. Popa, E.G. Osvat-Szabo


Study of a Bombina bombina (Anura, Amphibia) population from the periurban ecosystems north of Iaşi city - download.pdf

A. Nicoară, M. Nicoară


Feeding of some Triturus cristatus population in Turţ area (Oas Mountains, Romania) - download.pdf

Al.Şt. Cicort-Lucaciu, A. David, R. Covaci, S. Toader, I. Diaconu


The populations of Rana arvalis Nills. 1842 from the Ier Valley (The Western Plain, Romania), Part II: sex ratio and body size distribution of some populations - download.pdf

I. Sas, É.H. Kovács, N. Szeibel, N.R. Radu, A. Tóth, S. Ferenţi


Research about the hybridization area between Bombina bombina  and Bombina variegata of the middle basin of Siret River (Bacău and Neamţ Counties, Romania) - download.pdf

D. Ghiurcă, I. Gherghel


Preliminary aspects concerning the herpetofauna  from urban and peri-urban environments from North-Eastern Romania: a case study in the city of Suceava - download.pdf

Al. Strugariu, I. Gherghel, M.V. Huţuleac-Volosciuc, Cr.M. Puşcaşu


Contributions to the study of the geographical distribution  of the herpetofauna in the North-East area of Arad County in Romania - download.pdf

S.D. Covaciu-Marcov, A.St. Cicort-Lucaciu, R.D. ILe,, A. Pascondea, R. Vatamaniuc


The composition and distribution of the herpetofauna from the Valea Neagra river basin (Romania) - download.pdf

I. Gherghel, Al. Strugariu, D. Ghiurca, S. Rosu, M.V. Hutuleac-Volosciuc


Rediscovery of Vipera ursinii rakosiensis in Transylvania - download.pdf

I. Ghira


Consideraţii asupra menţinerii în captivitate a herpetofaunei locale si exotice - download.pdf

O. Craioveanu







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