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Volume 2 - December 2008



Preliminary data of herpetofauna inventory in Şinca Nouă’s area (Braşov County, Romania) with notes on used inventory methods - download.pdf

T. Sos, B. Promberger &  C. Promberger


Aspects concerning the herpetofauna in the city of Bacău (România): urban and peri-urban environments - download.pdf

D. Ghiurcă &  I. Gherghel


The analysis of the trophic spectrum of a Pelophylax ridibundus population from Vadu area, Constanta county, Romania - download.pdf

A. David, N. Dimancea, A. Pal  &  K. Cservid


Contributions to the knowledge of the composition and geographical distribution of the Western Maramures County Herpetofauna - download.pdf

S.D. Covaciu-Marcov, A.S. Cicort-Lucaciu, I. Sas, A.G. Moşu  &  B. Toth


A herpetological hotspot in peril: Anthropogenic impact upon the amphibian and reptile populations from the Băile Herculane  tourist resort, Romania - download.pdf

C.T. Sahlean,  A. Strugariu,  Ş. Zamfirescu, A.G. Pavel,  C.M. Puşcaşu  & I. Gherghel


Conquering new ground: On the presence of Podarcis muralis (Reptilia: Lacertidae) in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania - download.pdf

A. Strugariu, I. Gherghel  &  Ş.R. Zamfirecsu


The Northern Goşmani Mountains (Romania): An Important Herpetofaunal Area requiring urgent protection - download.pdf

I. Gherghel, A. Strugariu, E. Pricop  &  S. Zamfirescu


Is the conservation of the moor frog problematic in Romania? - download.pdf

I. Sas, S.D. Covaciu-Marcov, E.H. Kovacs


Review of recent taxonomic and nomenclatural changes in European Amphibia and Reptilia related to Romanian herpetofauna - download.pdf

T. Sos







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