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North-Western Journal of Zoology


July 2005, Volume 1, Pages 1-65

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Research articles


Aspects of breeding activity of Rana dalmatina and Rana temporaria reproducing in a seminatural pond

Hartel, T.

pages 5-13

details --- Full text (pdf)


Data regarding the trophic spectrum of some population of Bombina variegata from Bacău county

Ghiurcă, D. & Zaharia, L.

pages 15-24

details --- Full text (pdf)


Food composition of two Rana species on a forest habitat (Livada Plain, Romania)

Aszalós, L., Bogdan, H., Kovács, É.H. & Peter, V.I.

pages 25-30

details --- Full text (pdf)


The trophic spectrum of a Triturus cristatus (Laurentus 1768) population from Plopiş Mountains area (Bihor County, Romania)

Cicort-Lucaciu, A.Şt., Ardeleanu, A, Cupşa, D., Naghi, N. & Dalea, A.

pages 31-39

details --- Full text (pdf)


About a closed hybrid population between Bombina bombina and Bombina variegata from Oradea (Bihor county, Romania)

Sas, I., Covaciu-Marcov, S.D., Pop, M., Ile, R.D., Szeibel, N. & Duma Cr.

pages 41-60

details --- Full text (pdf)


Comparative morphometric analysis of injured and uninjured newly metamorphosed smooth newts (Triturus vulgaris)

Nemes, Sz.

pages 61-63

details --- Full text (pdf)




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