December 2022, Volume 18, Issue 2, Pages 121-244
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I. Full length papres
1. Entomology
Description of the male of Anaphes triapitsyni Anwar & Zeya, 2019 with new distributional records of mymaridae in India (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea)
Authors: Anwar P. T., Zeya S. B., Usman S. U., Ahmad Z., Ghramh H. A., Khan F. R.
Art#e221203 / 2022 (Vol.18, No.2, pp. 121 - 126)
Sexual dimorphism and allometric relationships in the wings of two underwing moths (Lep., Erebidae, Catocala)
Authors: Alavi S., Esfandiari M., Rabieh M. M.
Art#e221204 / 2022 (Vol.18, No.2, pp. 127 - 134)
3. General Invertebrate Zoology
New data on the Western Palearctic distribution of Eucyclops roseus (Copepoda: Cyclopidae), with notes on its taxonomic relationships
Authors: Gaponova L., Hołyńska M.
Art#e221302 / 2022 (Vol.18, No.2, pp. 135 - 142)
4. Ichthyology
Modelling the range expansion of pumpkinseed Lepomis gibbosus across Europe, with a special focus on Ukraine and Latvia
Authors: Tytar V., Nekrasova O., Pupins M., Skute A., Fedorenko L., Čeirāns A.
Art#e221403 / 2022 (Vol.18, No.2, pp. 143 - 150)
Ichthyodiversity and water quality parameters of Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal, India
Authors: Sarkar A., Chattaraj S., Chattaraj M., Maity S., Ganguly A., Nandi B., Pahari P. R., Duari (Rakshit) M., Das Mohapatra P. K.
Art#e221404 / 2022 (Vol.18, No.2, pp. 151 - 160)
5. Herpetology
Attributes of the population structure and ventral polychromatism of Helicops infrataeniatus Jan, 1865 (Serpentes, Colubridae, Dipsadinae) in subtropical Brazil
Authors: Regnet R. A., Quintela F. M., Rödder D., Loebmann D.
Art#e221505 / 2022 (Vol.18, No.2, pp. 161 - 167)
Novel data on the distribution patterns and ecological differentiation of four species of treefrogs (Hylidae: Boana) in southeastern South America
Authors: Widholzer R. L., Prieto-Torres D. A.
Art#e221506 / 2022 (Vol.18, No.2, pp. 168 - 178)
Diet composition and coexistence of Boana geographica and Boana raniceps (Anura: Hylidae) from Central Amazonia, Brazil
Authors: Sant’Anna B. S., Fonseca A. M., Ferreira R. F. B.
Art#e221507 / 2022 (Vol.18, No.2, pp. 179 - 183)
Diet assessment of Leptodactylus pentadactylus (Anura, Leptodactylidae) from forest and savanna habitats in the Amazonian domain
Authors: Santos-Souza C. J., Rebelo-Silva K., Barbosa-Ferreira M. E., Oliveira-Souza A. E., Costa Anaissi J. S., Sanches P. R., Costa-Campos C. E.
Art#e221508 / 2022 (Vol.18, No.2, pp. 184 - 189)
7. Theriology
Characteristics of transition roosts of the lesser horseshoe bat Rhinolophus hipposideros - a case study from South-Western Poland
Authors: Warchałowski M., Jonderko T., Pietraszko-Warchałowska M., Szura C.
Art#e221702 / 2022 (Vol.18, No.2, pp. 190 - 198)
II. Short notes
1. Entomology
Effectiveness of two mineral powders on Agonoscena pistaciae Burckhardt and Lauterer, (Hemiptera: Psyllidae) population
Authors: Torabipour S., Imani S., Lotfalizadeh H., Motallebi E.
Art#e212101 / 2022 (Vol.18, No.2, pp. 199 - 204)
Euderomphale ayeganus sp. nov.: A new species of Eulophidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) from Iran
Authors: Shahbazvar N., Bin Zeya S.
Art#222203 / 2022 (Vol.18, No.2, pp. 205 - 208)
5. Herpetology
Sexual dimorphism in Rhinella major (Anura: Bufonidae) from eastern Brazilian Amazonia
Authors: Sanches P. R., Santana M. M. S., Oliveira-Souza A. E., Costa-Campos C. E.
Art#e222501 / 2022 (Vol.18, No.2, pp. 214 - 217)
Predation on Tamandua tetradactyla (Pilosa: Myrmecophagidae) by Caiman latirostris (Crocodylia: Alligatoridae) in a highly seasonal habitat in Central Brazil
Authors: Vasconcelos B. D., Brandão R. A.
Art#e222502 / 2022 (Vol.18, No.2, pp. 214 - 217)
III. Review papers
1. Entomology
An updated checklist of Indian fleas (Insecta: Siphonaptera)
Authors: Philip Samuel P., Govindarajan R., Rajamannar V., Ashwani K.
Art#e223202 / 2022 (Vol.18, No.2, pp. 222 - 227)
VII. Correspondence - short notes, natural history notes, fauna notes, taxonomy notes
5. Herpetology
Clutch size, hatching time, and hatchling morphology of Boettger's Sipo Chironius flavolineatus Jan 1863 (Serpentes: Colubridae: Colubrini) in the northeast Atlantic Forest
Authors: Amaral J. M. da S., Barbosa V. do N., França F. G. R.
Art#e227501 / 2022 (Vol.18, No.2, pp. 237 - 239)
An unusual preying record of Anatololacerta anatolica (Werner, 1900) (Reptilia: Lacertidae)
Author: Oğuz M. A.
Art#e227502 / 2022 (Vol.18, No.2, pp. 240 - 241)
The Crab-eating fox Cerdocyon thous (Carnivora: Canidae) as a predator of amphibians and reptiles in Brazil: an overview
Authors: Graciano J., Duda R., Torrezani M., Silva-Soares T.
Art#e227503 / 2022 (Vol.18, No.2, pp. 241 - 244)