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North-Western Journal of Zoology


December 2007, Volume 3, Issue 2, Pages 67-145

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Research articles


Chemical disturbances effects on community structure of rove beetles (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) in Hungarian agricultural fields

Balog, A. & Markó, V.

pages 67-74

details --- Full text (pdf)


A serological comparison of the populations of the Levantine Viper, Macrovipera lebetina (Linnaeus, 1758) in Cyprus and Southern Turkey

Göçmen, B., Arikan, H., Çiçek, K. & Yildiz, M.Z.

pages 75-80

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On the Occurrence of the Black Cat Snake,  Telescopus nigriceps (Ahl, 1924) (Serpentes: Colubridae)  from the Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey with some taxonomical comments

Göçmen, B., Nilson, G., Yildiz, M.Z., Arikan, H., Yalçinkaya, D. & Akman, B.

pages 81-95

details --- Full text (pdf)


First Record of Mesocestoides spp. Vaillant, 1863 Tetrathyridia (Cestoidea: Cyclophyllidea) in Anatolian lizard,  Anatololacerta danfordi (G˙nther, 1876) in Turkey

G˙relli, G., Göçmen, B., Çetin-Doğan, T. & Alpagut-Keskin, N.

pages 96-104

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Short Notes


Male Rana temporaria in amplexus with a clutch

Demeter, L. & Benkő, Z.

pages 105-108

details --- Full text (pdf)


Some low altitude Triturus montandoni (Boulenger 1880) population records from the Oaş region,  North-Western Romania

Covaciu-Marcov, S.D., Cicort-Lucaciu, A.S. & Ferenti, S.

pages 109-114

details --- Full text (pdf)


Eremias arguta deserti (Reptilia: Lacertidae): is not extinct from Romanian Moldavia

Gherghel, I., Strugariu, Al. & Glavan, T.

pages 115-120

details --- Full text (pdf)


Overwintering without winter: the exceptional case of two terrestrial anurans from the thermal habitats in Romania

Sas, I. & Covaciu-Marcov, S.D

pages 121-126

details --- Full text (pdf)


Review paper


The reproductive dynamics of temperate amphibians: a review

Hartel, T., Sas, I., Pernetta, A.P. & Geltsch, I.C.

pages 127-145

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