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Volume 11., No.1. - June 2017

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I. Full length papers

I.1. Botany

Determination of fatty acids and elements in Allium nemrutdaghense Kit Tan & F. Sorger endemic plant

Ozkaya A., Tel A.Z., Gokler I., Ciftci H., Han U.Y.

Art.#e161101 (vol.11, no.1, pp.1-4) ----download pdf

I.2. Invertebrate zoology

Evaluation of detoxifying enzymes of Tribolium castaneum and Tribolium confusum (Col.: Tenebrionidae) exposed to essential oil of Artemisia dracunculus L.

Shojaei A., Talebi Khalil., Sharifian I., Ahsaei S.M.

Art.#e151209 (vol.11, no.1, pp.5-9) ----download pdf

Effect of some conventional insecticides on functional response parameters of Macrolophus pygmaeus (Hem.: Miridae) on Tuta absoluta (Lep.: Gelechiidae)

Sharifian I., Sabahi Q., Bandani A.R.

Art.#e151210 (vol.11, no.1, pp.10-14) ----download pdf

An outline on biology and behavior of Bracon variator Nees, 1812 (Hym. : Braconidae), an ectoparasitoid of Cydia johanssoni Aarvik & Karsholt, 1993 (Lep. : Tortricidae) from Iran

Valipour J., Vahedi H.A., Zamani A.A.

Art.#e161201 (vol.11, no.1, pp.15-19) ----download pdf

Histomorphological Investigations on the Fat Body in Melanogryllus desertus (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)

Çakıcı Ö.

Art.#e161203 (vol.11, no.1, pp.20-22) ----download pdf

I.3. Vertebrate zoology

A review of the distribution of Vipera ammodytes transcaucasiana Boulenger, 1913 (Serpentes: Viperidae) in Turkey

Mulder J.

Art.#e161305 (vol.11, no.1, pp.23-26) ----download pdf

A new subspecies, Ophisops elegans budakibarani n. subsp. (Sauria: Lacertidae) from Mut (Mersin/Turkey)

Tok C.V., Afsar M., Yakın B.Y., Ayaz D., Çiçek K.

Art.#e171303 (vol.11, no.1, pp.27-32) ----download pdf

I.4. Biotechnology

Source-sink manipulation effects on wheat seed yield and seed germination characteristics

Heidari H.

Art.#e151412 (vol.11, no.1, pp.33-36) ----download pdf

Evaluation of grain yield and yield components in intercropping of maize and bean

Charani E., Sharifi P., Aminpanah H.

Art.#e151413 (vol.11, no.1, pp.37-42) ----download pdf

Study on genetic variation and morpho-phenologic traits in Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Bagheri M., Kahrizi D., Zebarjadi A.

Art.#e151414 (vol.11, no.1, pp.43-47) ----download pdf

Effect of animal manure on decreasing chemical fertilzer use in degraded farm fields in semiarid region of Central Turkey

Büyük G., Zucca C., Akça E.

Art.#e161401 (vol.11, no.1, pp.48-52) ----download pdf

I.5. Molecular Biology

Effect of coenzyme Q10 supplementation on p53 tumor suppressor gene expression in mouse model of andropause

Souri Z., Bidmeshki Pour A., Karimi I.

Art.#e151504 (vol.11, no.1, pp.53-56) ----download pdf

II. Short notes

II.1. Botany

Rediscovery of Saponaria syriaca Boiss. a threatened endemic species in Turkey

Ilçim A., Tel A.Z., Uygun C.

Art.#e162101 (vol.11, no.1, pp.57-58) ----download pdf

II.2. Invertebrate zoology

Keratella cochlearis hispida (Lauterborn, 1898): A new record for Turkish Rotifer fauna

Saler S, Bulut H.

Art.#e162206 (vol.11, no.1, pp.59-61) ----download pdf

First record of the genus Lamprochernes (Pseudoscorpiones: Chernetidae) in Albania

Christophoryová J., Gruľa D., Jablonski D.

Art.#e162209 (vol.11, no.1, pp.62-64) ----download pdf

IX. Editorials

Referee Acknowledgement 2011-2016

Art.#e179001 (vol.11, no.1, pp.65-70) ----download pdf




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