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Volume 16., No.2. - December 2022


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I. 1. Botany

Re-discovery of the rare poisonous mushroom Podostroma cornu-damae in Indonesia

Putra I. P., Hermawan R., Maulana I.

Art.#e221101 (vol.16, no.2, pp.60-64) ---- download pdf

I. 2. Invertebrate zoology

A contribution to the pseudoscorpion fauna of Balikesir Province, Turkey (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpiones)

Bulut M.E., Christophoryová J., Krajčovičová K., Sak S., Yağmur E.A.

Art.#e221206 (vol.16, no.2, pp.65-70) ---- download pdf

I.3. Vertebrate zoology

Ethological observations on the breeding behavior of the Isabelline Wheatear, Oenanthe isabellina (Temminck, 1829) and its competition and mutualistic relationship with the ground squirrels of the genus Spermophilus Cuvier, 1825

Karataş A.

Art.#e221301 (vol.16, no.2, pp.71-78) ---- download pdf

An early start does not warrant offspring – a case of abnormal onset of the breeding season in Rana dalmatina (Fitzinger in Bonaparte, 1838) on the territory of Natura park “Shumensko Plato” (NE-Bulgaria)

Koynova T., Nedyalkov N., Natchev N.

Art.#e221302 (vol.16, no.2, pp.79-82) ---- download pdf

Reversal and ocular anomaly in two species of flatfishes from Mexican coasts

Del Moral-Flores L.F., Pintor R. and García-Mercado E.

Art.#e221303 (vol.16, no.2, pp.83-86) ---- download pdf

Interactions between birds and mammals in Turkey - documentation of symbiotic relations

Bal M. and Erciyas Yavuz K.

Art.#e221304 (vol.16, no.2, pp.87-90) ---- download pdf

First data on Nile softshell turtle (Trionyx triunguis) nests on Anamur Beach in Mersin on the eastern Mediterranean coast of Türkiye

Uçar A.H. and Ergene S.

Art.#e221305 (vol.16, no.2, pp.91-97) ---- download pdf

II. 5. Biochemistry, Molecular Biology

Molecular and morphological assessment of the snake-eyed lizard, Ophisops elegans Menetries, 1832 (Sauria, Lacertidae) in Anatolia

Bozkurt E., Korkmaz E.M., Ilgaz C., Yilmaz C., Üzüm N., Avci A., Doğan Ö., Budak M., Ba?ibüyük H.H., Olgun K.

Art.#e221502 (vol.16, no.2, pp.98-112) ---- download pdf

III. Review papers

III. 3. Vertebrate zoology

An etymological review of the amphibians of Türkiye

Karataş A. and Çiçek K.

Art.#e223302 (vol.16, no.2, pp.113-118) ---- download pdf

III. 6. General Biology

Biodiversity richness created by the Tigris River in the Hevsel Gardens and its surroundings in southeastern Turkey

Ünlü E., Ertekin A.S., Biricik M., Tusun S., Şeşen R., Yakali N., Coşkun Y.

Art.#e223601 (vol.16, no.2, pp.119-138) ---- download pdf




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