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North-Western Journal of Zoology


December 2015, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 183-378

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◙ Cover // page i-ii

◙ Content // page iii-v

◙ Author Instructions // pages xi (182+)


I. Full length papers


 I.2. (Systematic, biodiversity) Landscape ecology and genetics of insects


Morphologies tells more than molecules in the case of the European widespread Ptychoptera albimana (Fabricius, 1787) (Diptera, Ptychopteridae)

Török E., Kolcsár L.P., Dénes A.L., Keresztes L.

Art#151201 (vol.11, no.2, pp.304-315)

details --- Full text (pdf)


I.3. General Zoology - Invertebrates


Substrate type as a factor affecting the ostracod assemblages in groyne fields of the Oder River (Poland)

Szlauer-Łukaszewska A.

Art#151301 (vol.11, no.2, pp.274-287)

details --- Full text (pdf)


The crustacean fauna of Bayan Onjuul area (Tôv Province, Mongolia) (Crustacea: Branchiopoda, Copepoda, Ostracoda)

Marrone F., Alonso M., Pieri V., Augugliaro C., Stoch F.

Art#151302 (vol.11, no.2, pp.288-295)

details --- Full text (pdf)


The identity of pseudoscorpions of the genus Diplotemnus (Pseudoscorpiones: Atemnidae) from Europe and Asia

Novák J., Harvey M.S.

Art#151303 (vol.11, no.2, pp.316-323)

details --- Full text (pdf)


I.4. Ichtiology


Life history traits, growth and feeding ecology of a native species (Barbus strumicae Karaman, 1955) in Nestos River, a flow regulated river in northern Greece

Sapounidis A.S., Koutrakis E.T., Leonardos I.D.

Art#151401 (vol.11, no.2, pp.331-341)

details --- Full text (pdf)


I.5. Herpetology


Demography, sex ratio, and sexual dimorphism of Testudines in Araripe Bioregion, Ceará, Northeastern Brazil

Moura C.C.D.M., Moura G.J.B.D., Chaves L.D.S., Muniz S.L.D.S., Vega E.S.F., Júnior V.E.

Art#141514 (vol.11, no.2, pp.204-212)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Development of the fire salamander larvae at the altitudinal limit in Lombardy (north-western Italy): effect of two cohorts occurrence on intraspecific aggression

Romeo G, Giovine G., Ficetola G.F., Manenti R.

Art#151501 (vol.11, no.2, pp.234-240)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Population size, age structure and life expectancy in a Lacerta agilis (Lacertidae) population from northwest Italian Alps

Guarino F.M., Crovetto F., Mezzasalma M., Salvidio S.

Art#151502 (vol.11, no.2, pp.241-246)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Vocalizations of two species of the Hypsiboas pulchellus group (Anura: Hylidae) with comments on this species group

Batista V.G., Gambale P.G, Lourenço-de-Moraes R., Campos R.M., Bastos R.P.

Art#151503 (vol.11, no.2, pp.253-261)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Intraspecific variation and new distributional records for Pseudopaludicola species (Anura, Leptodactylidae, Leiuperinae) with trilled advertisement call pattern: diagnostic characters revisited and taxonomic implications

Carvalho T.R.d., Teixeira B.F.d.V; Martins L.B., Giaretta A.A.

Art#151504 (vol.11, no.2, pp.262-273)

details --- Full text (pdf)


First data on nesting ecology and behaviour in the Imperial cave salamander Hydromantes imperialis

Lunghi E., Murgia R., De Falco G., Buschettu S., Mulas C., Mulargia M., Canedoli C., Manenti R., Ficetola G.F.  

Art#151505 (vol.11, no.2, pp.324-330)

details --- Full text (pdf)


I.6. Ornithology


Impact of temperature on the number of mallards, Anas platyrhynchos, wintering in cities

Meissner W., Rowiński P., Polakowski M., Wilniewczyc P., Marchowski D.

Art#141604 (vol.11, no.2, pp.213-218)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Effects of daily nest monitoring on predation rate – an artificial nest experiment

Kurucz K., Batáry P., Frank K., Purger J.J.

Art#141605 (vol.11, no.2, pp.219-224)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Autumn migration of Blue Tits (Parus caeruleus) at two Hungarian study sites

Lukács Z., Farkas R., Frühwirth A., Gyurácz J.

Art#151601 (vol.11, no.2, pp.225-233)

details --- Full text (pdf)


I.7. Theriology


Species composition and nestedness of small mammal assemblages in two disturbed marshlands

Herczeg R., Horváth G.F.

Art#141708 (vol.11, no.2, pp.183-193)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Breeding sites of the barbastelle Barbastella barbastellus (Schreber, 1774) in Poland

Gottfried I., Gottfried T., Fuszara E., Fuszara M., Ignaczak M., Jaros R., Piskorski M.

Art#151701 (vol.11, no.2, pp.194-203)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Roadkill on vertebrates in Brazil: seasonal variation and road type comparison

Machado F.S., Fontes M.A.L., Mendes P.B., Moura A.S., Romăo B.d.S.

Art#151702 (vol.11, no.2, pp.247-252)

details --- Full text (pdf)


I.8. Biogeography


Do climatic requirements explain the northern range of european reptiles? Common wall lizard Podarcis muralis (Laur.) (Squamata, Lacertidae) as an example

Wirga M., Majtyka T.

Art#151801 (vol.11, no.2, pp.296-303)

details --- Full text (pdf)

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II. Short Notes


II.4. Ichtiology


Bodianus macrognathos (Teleostei: Labridae), Coris nigrotaenia (Teleostei: Labridae) and Bothus pantherinus (Teleostei: Bothidae) in the Iraq marine waters

Jawad L., Al-Badri M.

Art#152401 (vol.11, no.2, pp.347-350)

details --- Full text (pdf)


II.5. Herpetology


Population size estimates of Lissotriton vulgaris (L., 1758) and Triturus ivanbureschi Arntzen & Wielstra 2013 (Caudata: Salamandridae) from Edirne, European part of Turkey

Göçmen B., Çiçek K., Akman B., Yalçinkaya D., Oğuz M.A.

Art#152501 (vol.11, no.2, pp.342-346)

details --- Full text (pdf)


II.8. Biogeography


The presence of Mehely’s horseshoe bat Rhinolophus mehelyi in South-Western Romania

Csősz I., Jére C., Bücs S., Bartha C., Barti L., Szodoray-Parádi F.

Art# 152801 (vol.11, no.2, pp.351-356)

details --- Full text (pdf)



VII. Correspondence - natural history notes, fauna notes, taxonomy notes


Genetic variability of the green peach aphid (Myzus persicae) populations in different host plants

Domokos E., Bíró-Janka B., Kovács E., Ábrahám B., Balog A.

Art#152202 (vol.11, no.2, pp.369-371)

details --- Full text (pdf)


A new record of the Spotted Bumblebee Shrimp, Gnathophyllum elegans (Risso, 1816) (Decapoda: Gnathophyllidae) from the Aegean Sea (Izmir Bay, Turkey)

Akyol O., Ulaş A.

Art# 152802 (vol.11, no.2, pp.375-376)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in near threatened and endangered amphibians in the southern Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Preuss J.F., Lambertini C., Leite D.D.S., Toledo L.P., Lucas E.M.

Art#142504 (vol.11, no.2, pp.360-362)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Larval pigmentation patterns of closely related newt species (Triturus cristatus and T. dobrogicus) in laboratory conditions

Cvijanović M., Ivanović A., Kalezić M.L.

Art#151506 (vol.11, no.2, pp.357-359)

details --- Full text (pdf)


New Zootoca vivipara (Lichtenstein, 1823) haplogroup in the Carpathians

Velekei B., Lakatos F., Covaciu-Marcov S.D.; Sas-Kovács I., Puky M.

Art#152502 (vol.11, no.2, pp.363-365)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Back in 30 years: A new record for the rare and highly elusive sand boa, Eryx jaculus turcicus (Reptilia: Boidae) in Romanian Dobruja

Sahlean T.C., Gavril V.D., Gherghel I., Strugariu A.

Art#152504 (vol.11, no.2, pp.366-368)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Handling and intake of plastic debris by Wood Storks at an urban site in South-eastern Brazil: possible causes and consequences

Sazima I., D’Angelo G.B.

Art# 147601 (vol.11, no.2, pp.372-374)

details --- Full text (pdf)


IX. Correspondence - editorials, in memoriam


IN MEMORY OF Academician, Professor, PhD in Biology Victor CIOCHIA

Stancă-Moise C.

Art#159001 (vol.11, no.2, pp.377-378)

details --- Full text (pdf)





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