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North-Western Journal of Zoology


December 2009, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 225-438

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Research articles


Distribution and population dynamics  of Aurelia aurita (Cnidaria; Scyphozoa) in the southern Black Sea

Bat, L., Satilmis, H.H., Birinci-Ozdemir, Z., Sahin, F.  &  Ustun, F.

Art#051119 (Vol.5, No.2, pp.225-241)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Some biological parameters of the bergamae barb, Capoeta bergamae Karaman, 1969 (Cyprinidae), in Kemer reservoir (Aydin, Turkey)

Ozcan, G.  &  Balık, S.

Art#051120 (Vol.5, No.2, pp.242-250)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Conservation biogeography  of the snake family Colubridae of China

Chen, Y.

Art#051121 (Vol.5, No.2, pp.251-262)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Comparative morphology of Darevskia parvula (Lantz-Cyren 1936) (Sauria: Lacertidae) subspecies in Northeastern Anatolia, Turkey

Ilgaz, Ç.

Art#051122 (Vol.5, No.2, pp.263-280)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Species structure of the bat community hibernating  in Muierilor Cave (Southern Carpathians, Romania)

Dragu, A.

Art#051123 (Vol.5, No.2, pp.281-289)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Feral host plant range as a reservoir of European sunflower moth (Homoeosoma nebulellum Den. et Schiff.) populations in Nyírség region

Szabó, B., Szabó, M., Varga, Cs., Tóth, F.   &  Vágvölgyi, S.

Art#051124 (Vol.5, No.2, pp.290-300)

details --- Full text (pdf)


The Occurence of the Rumen Ciliate Entodinium constrictum Dehority, 1974 (Entodiniidae, Entodiniomorphida) from Domestic Sheep (Ovis ammon aries L.) in Northern Cyprus

Göçmen, B.  &  Gürelli, G.

Art#051125 (Vol.5, No.2, pp.301-306)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Romanian Eupelmidae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea): new cytogenetic, faunistic and host records

Fusu, L.

Art#051126 (Vol.5, No.2, pp.307-320)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Hematology of the Lycian Salamander, Lyciasalamandra fazilae

Tok, C.V., Tosunoğlu, M., Ayaz, D., Çiçek, K. & Gül, Ç.

Art#051127 (Vol.5, No.2, pp.321-329)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Age and feeding habits of Atlantic spotted flounder  Citharus linguatula (Linnaeus, 1758) (Pisces: Pleuronectiformes)  from central Aegean Sea of Turkey

Bayhan, B., Sever, T.M. & Taşkavak, E.

Art#051128 (Vol.5, No.2, pp.330-337)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Morphological discrimination of geographical populations of Macrosiphoniella sanborni (Gillette, 1908) (Hem.: Aphididae) in Iran

Madjdzadeh, S.M. & Mehrparvar, M.

Art#051129 (Vol.5, No.2, pp.338-348)

details --- Full text (pdf)


A comparative karyological and serological study on two populations of Nannospalax nehringi (Satunin 1898) from Turkey

Ulutürk, S., Coşkun, Y.  &  Arikan, H.

Art#051130 (Vol.5, No.2, pp.349-356)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Four reverse-coiled snail shells from Romania (Gastropoda: Pulmonata)

Páll-Gergely, B.

Art#051131 (Vol.5, No.2, pp.357-363)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Two new locality records extend the distribution of Microtus anatolicus Kryštufek and Kefelioğlu, 2002  (Mammalia: Rodentia) into Antalya Province in Turkey

Yavuz, M., Öz, M.  &  Albayrak, I.

Art#051132 (Vol.5, No.2, pp.364-369)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Updated checklist and distribution of the inland-water calanoid copepods (Copepoda: Calanoida) of Romania

Demeter, L.  &   F. Marrone, F.

Art#051133 (Vol.5, No.2, pp.370-378)

details --- Full text (pdf)


New locality records for the Turkish worm lizard, Blanus strauchi aporus (Werner, 1898) (Sauria: Amphisbaenidae) in Southeast Anatolia, Turkey

Yildiz, M.Z.,  Akman, B., Göçmen, B.  &  Yalçinkaya, D.

Art#051134 (Vol.5, No.2, pp.379-385)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Records of the golden jackal (Canis aureus Linnaeus, 1758)  in Hungary from 1800th until 2007, based on a literature survey

Tóth, T.,  Krecsák, L.,  Szűcs, E.,  Heltai, M.  &  Huszár, Gy.

Art#051135 (Vol.5, No.2, pp.386-405)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Explaining the presence of low altitude  Mesotriton alpestris (Laurenti, 1768) populations from the Apuseni Mountains, western Romania – a possible zoogeographical scenario

Covaciu-Marcov, S.D., Cicort-Lucaciu, A.Ş., Sas, I., Ilieş, D.C.  &  Josan, I.

Art#051136 (Vol.5, No.2, pp.406-419)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Nematocystis bayrami sp. n.  (Protozoa, Apicomplexa, Eugregarinida) monocystid gregarine from Eutyphoeus orientalis Beddard (Annelida, Oligochaeta)

Mallik, P.  &  Bandyopadhyay, P.K.

Art#051137 (Vol.5, No.2, pp.420-423)

details --- Full text (pdf)


Short Notes


First record of the spiny-cheek crayfish Orconectes limosus (Rafinesque, 1817) (Crustacea: Decapoda: Cambaridae) in Romania

Pârvulescu, L., Paloş, C.  &  Molnar, P.

Art#051207 (Vol.5, No.2, 424-428)

details --- Full text (pdf)


What do the newly discovered Lissotriton montandoni (Caudata, Salamandridae) populations from Iezer Mountains, Romania, have to say about the species’ southern distribution limit?

Covaciu-Marcov, S.D.  Cicort-Lucaciu, A.Ş.  &  Dimancea, N.

Art#051208 (Vol.5, No.2, 429-433)

details --- Full text (pdf)


First record of Glyphomerus isosomatis Zerova et Seryogina, 1999 and of the subgenus Lioterphus of the genus Torymus (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Torymidae) in Romania

Popescu, I.E.

Art#051209 (Vol.5, No.2, 434-438)

details --- Full text (pdf)





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