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Volume 14., No.2. - December 2020

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I.2. Invertebrate zoology

New distribution records of Orthoptera in Georgia and a review of the country’s species list

Mulder J., Mulder K.

Art.#e201201 (vol.14, no.2, pp.061-071) ----download pdf

Comparison of the external morphology in males of Rhagodes caucasicus Birula 1905 and Rhagodes eylandti (Walter 1889) (Arachnida: Solifugae: Rhagodidae)

Erdek M., Gharakhloo M.M.

Art.#e201202 (vol.14, no.2, pp.072-079) ----download pdf

Icosiella (Filarioidea) microfilariae from the blood of amphibian hosts: transmission experiments in fish models to detect host specificity

Gupta N., Gupta D.K., Gangwar R.

Art.#e201203 (vol.14, no.2, pp.080-084) ----download pdf

The abundance and diversity of benthic community in Krueng Cut estuary, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Irham M., Ihsan M., Oktavina C., Sugianto S., Nur F.M., Batubara A.S.

Art.#e201204 (vol.14, no.2, pp.085-089) ----download pdf

The scorpion fauna (Arachnida: Scorpiones) of the Southern regions of Sistan and Ba-luchestan Province with notes on the occurrence of Androctonus baluchicus (Pocock, 1900) in Iran

Moradi M., Yağmur E.A., Soltanabadi M., Sarpiri S.M.

Art.#e201205 (vol.14, no.2, pp.090-097) ----download pdf

I.3. Vertebrate zoology

An updated annotated list of birds of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago

Spitsyn V.M., Glazov P.M., Anufriev V.V., Rozenfeld S.B.

Art.#e201301 (vol.14, no.2, pp.098-104) ----download pdf

Seasonal (summer-winter) difference of the trammel net catch composition in Urla (Izmir, Turkey)

Mermer A.

Art.#e201302 (vol.14, no.2, pp.105-108) ----download pdf

Soaring bird migration in 2015 spring at Belen Pass, Hatay, Turkey

Ünal Altundağ M., Karataş A.

Art.#e201303 (vol.14, no.2, pp.109-115) ----download pdf

I.4. Biotechnology

Development of vegetation stages in medlar genotypes (Mespilus germanica L.) coded and described according to the BBCH scale

Cosmulescu S., Scrieciu F.

Art.#e201401 (vol.14, no.2, pp.116-119) ----download pdf


II.3. Vertebrate zoology

The first confirmed records of the Mediterranean house geckos, Hemidactylus turcicus (Squamata: Gekkonidae) in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Šukalo G., Dmitrović D., Nikolić S., Matović I., Ajtić R., Tomović L.

Art.#e202301 (vol.14, no.2, pp.120-121) ----download pdf

New data on the distribution of the Bulgarian Bent-toed Gecko (Mediodactylus danilewskii Strauch, 1887) in Shumen town (NE Bulgaria)

Koynova T., Doichev D., Natchev N.

Art.#e202302 (vol.14, no.2, pp.122-124) ----download pdf

A photographic record of black eyedness in European common frog (Rana temporaria) from Slovakia

Uhrin M., Balogová M., Detko M.

Art.#e202303 (vol.14, no.2, pp.125-126) ----download pdf

Can I borrow your burrow? Use of the burrows of Geolycosa vultuosa (Araneae: Lycosidae) by Podarcis tauricus (Squamata: Lacertidae)

Sas-Kovács É.H., Sas-Kovács I.

Art.#e202304 (vol.14, no.2, pp.127-129) ----download pdf




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