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Volume 15., No.1. - June 2021

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I.2. Invertebrate zoology

The use of ecological niche modeling to infer envenomation risk of Apistobuthus susanae Lourenço, 1998 (Arachnida: Scorpiones) in Southern Iran

Kazemi S.M., Hosseinzadeh M.S., Çiçek K.

Art.#e201206 (vol.15, no.1, pp.001-005) ----download pdf

Zerconid mites (Acari: Mesostigmata: Zerconidae) of the Kazdaği National Park, Turkey, with altitude and habitat preferences of the species

Karaca M.

Art.#e201207 (vol.15, no.1, pp.006-013) ----download pdf

A study on the Ctenopelmatinae (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) from Mazandaran Province with first record of four species to Iran

Mohammadi-Khoramabadi A., Riedel M., Hooshyar H.

Art.#e201208 (vol.15, no.1, pp.014-020) ----download pdf

Species composition of shell accumulation at Amvrakikos Gulf lagoons sand strips (Ionian Sea, Western Greece)

Tsolakos K., Theodorou J.A., Katselis G.

Art.#e211201 (vol.15, no.1, pp.021-024) ----download pdf

I.3. Vertebrate zoology

Reproductive biology and gonad histology of King Nase (Chondrostoma regium) (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) in Bibi-Sayyedan River, Tigris Basin

Kiani F., Keivany Y., Paykan-Heyrati F.

Art.#e201304 (vol.15, no.1, pp.025-032) ----download pdf

Population structure and dynamics of small rodents and insectivorous mammals in a region of the Middle Volga, Russia

Andreychev A.

Art.#e201305 (vol.15, no.1, pp.033-038) ----download pdf

DNA barcoding (COI genetic marker) revealed hidden diversity of Cyprinid fish (Barbonymus spp.) from Aceh Waters, Indonesia

Batubara A.S., Muchlisin Z.A., Efizon D., Elvyra R., Fadli N., Rizal S., Siti-Azizah M.N., Wilkes M.

Art.#e201306 (vol.15, no.1, pp.039-047) ----download pdf

Data on the reproductive biology of two Anguids in Turkey

Yakin B.Y., Tok C.V.

Art.#e201307 (vol.15, no.1, pp.048-052) ----download pdf

On the karyology, morphology and biology of Glis glis (Linnaeus, 1766) (Rodentia: Gliridae) in Iran

Gharkhloo M.M., Karataş A., Ghasemi Kassari R.

Art.#e201308 (vol.15, no.1, pp.053-058) ----download pdf

I.4. Biotechnology

Differential growth, nutrition content and heavy metal accumulation in Basella species irrigated with domestic effluent wastewater in the Guinea savanna of Nigeria

Animasaun D.A., Akande T.I., Oyedeji S., Azeez M.A.

Art.#e201402 (vol.15, no.1, pp.059-063) ----download pdf

I.5. Biochemistry, Molecular Biology

Effect of the aqueous crude extract of Matricaria pubescens: histopathological and biochemical study on scorpion venom given rats

Adaika A., Medila I., Bouali N.

Art.#201501 (vol.15, no.1, pp.064-068) ----download pdf


II.2. Invertebrate zoology

New cases of introducion of Stenochrus portoricensis (Arachnida: Schizomida) in Switzerland

Krajčovičová K., Gilgado J.D., Bobbitt I., Christophoryová J.

Art.#e212201 (vol.15, no.1, pp.069-070) ----download pdf

II.3. Vertebrate zoology

New data for the threatened Collared Dwarf Racer Platyceps collaris (M�ller, 1878) (Squamata: Colubridae) in Bulgaria

Milchev B.

Art.#e212301 (vol.15, no.1, pp.071-072) ----download pdf

VI I. Correspondence - natural history & fauna notes

First record of Upupa epops Linnaeus, 1758 (Bucerotiformes: Upupidae) on Kolguev Island, Arctic Russia

Spitsyn V.M. Ardeev A.G., Potapov G.S.

Art.#e217301 (vol.15, no.1, pp.073-074) ----download pdf




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