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Volume 15., No.2. - December 2021


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I. Full length papers

I.1. Botany

The influence of urban conditions on the phenology of some ornamental species

Buican Stanciu A., Ionescu M., Cosmulescu S.N.

Art.#e211101 (vol.15, no.2, pp.075-079) ---- download pdf

I.2. Invertebrate zoology

Checklist and new records of spiders (Araneae) from Cephalonia and Ithaka islands (Greece)

Cianferoni F., Graziani F., Ceccolini F.

Art.#e211202 (vol.15, no.2, pp.080-086) ---- download pdf

Re-occurrence of the invasive jellyfish Phyllorhiza punctata von Lendenfeld, 1884 in the coast of Egypt and spreading pattern in the Mediterranean

Madkour F., Elnagar N., Killi N.

Art.#e211203 (vol.15, no.2, pp.087-090) ---- download pdf

Hindgut ciliate diversity of domestic horses in Kastamonu, Turkey and scanning electron micrographs

Gürelli G., Aydin H.

Art.#e211204 (vol.15, no.2, pp.091-101) ---- download pdf

First record of the louse fly Icosta minor (Diptera: Hippoboscidae) in Austria, including information on the host choice and entire distribution of the species

Jentzsch M., Knipper S., Schreiter R.

Art.#e211205 (vol.15, no.2, pp.102-107) ---- download pdf

I.3. Vertebrate zoology

Age determination and sexual size dimorphism in three populations of Darevskia valentini (Boettger, 1892) from Turkey

Yildirim E., Ilgaz Ç., Kumlutaş Y., Gül S.

Art.#e211301 (vol.15, no.2, pp.108-111) ---- download pdf

Diversity and distribution of amphibians in the Greater Caucasus Natural Area (Azerbaijan)

Gasimova G.

Art.#e211302 (vol.15, no.2, pp.112-116) ---- download pdf

Prevalence and intensity of metazoan parasites of Mesopotamian spiny eel, Mastacembelus mastacembelus (Banks & Solander 1794) according to some parameters of the host, inhabiting in Euphrates-Tigris Basin

Koyun M.

Art.#e211303 (vol.15, no.2, pp.117-123) ---- download pdf

IV. Conference / Proceeding papers

5th Balkan Scientific Conference on Biology (BalkanBio’21), Plovdidv (online), Bulgaria, 15-16 April 2021

Methodology for satellite control of logging in coniferous forests

K. Tyufekchiev, M. Ivanov

Art.#e214101 (vol.15, no.2, pp.124-130) ---- download pdf

New and unpublished data about the ground beetles from tribes Zabrini and Harpalini (Coleoptera: Carabidae) of Bulgaria

Teofilova T.

Art.#e214201 (vol.15, no.2, pp.131-138) ---- download pdf

Benefits and opportunities for using of Micromeria dalmatica

Nikolova M., Aneva I., Zhelev P., Dimitrova M., Berkov S.

Art.#e214401 (vol.15, no.2, pp.139-141) ---- download pdf

Characterization of tomato genotypes by simple sequence repeats (SSR) molecular markers

Aziz S., Kantoglu Y., Tomlekova N., Staykova T., Ganeva D., Sarsu F.

Art.#e214501 (vol.15, no.2, pp.142-148) ---- download pdf




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